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Third Coast is a small team of 30 something’s who act and play like we’re 20 something’s.

We’re from Michigan (if you couldn’t tell) which is commonly referred to as the “third coast”. We’re definitely not pro athletes, but we are always active between sports, outdoor activities, and chasing around our kids!
Since we’ve reached our 30’s, substituting carbs for cauliflower, along with being tired and sore are regular occurrences.

Recovery from workouts isn’t as fast and old injuries seem to flare up more regularly.
What’s even more unfortunate is the solution to these issues is typically to some kind of traditional medication.

We started Third Coast because (like Michigan, being the alternative coast to east and west) science-backed nutrition and natural ingredients can be alternative to synthetic prescriptions.

Our focus is on Cannabidiol or CBD Oil derived from Hemp. CBD Hemp oil is not only all natural, but backed by science. It has been confused as something intoxicating for many years, and we intend to change the perception of CBD through education.

We look forward to providing more information and education on hemp oil and more in future posts as well as on our blog.

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